Semefab accelerates new product developments in Power switching semiconductors.

Since the 1980s Semefab UK has a long history in the manufacture of power semiconductor products. The strategy is now to expand the power product offering with an exciting new technology for SiC Schottky barrier diodes and IGBT devices for commercial product manufacture starting in 2022 under the Semefab UK and Questsemi Australia brands.

The first product offered will be the SiC SBD using patented technology from Griffith University Australia. This unique technology is proven to be extendible for voltages from 650V to 5000V with the potential to extend this further. The initial portfolio offered will be using the TO247 package or offered as wafer level bare die.

The Griffith University Homogeneous Current Schottky technology offers very high surge current performance that increases with higher blocking voltages. The design of the products can be readily changed to meet the customer requirements regarding forward voltage and current rating. As the fabrication process is a lot shorter than competitive products, custom products will be available for packaging within a few weeks. The diodes can be attractively priced due to the low fabrication time and costs.

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Semefab operates 2 wafer fabs on a single site in Glenrothes, UK, across a broad technology base of MEMS sensors and CMOS & Linear IC's, Discrete semiconductor devices. Close liaison with our highly experienced product design and process engineering team ensures a successful outcome to process development/induction and process optimisation leads to high yield, cost-effective manufacture. Our strategic stocking policy and agreements with repeat order customers ensure excellent on-time delivery performance. Rigorous application of FMEA studies and statistical process control ensure consistent high quality of processing and results in high process and electrical test yields.

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Semefab produces a broad range of semiconductor devices on a foundry basis, including MEMS sensors, discrete semiconductors and mixed signal and analogue IC's of medium-scale integration. Examples being, pressure sensor, gas sensor, thermopile sensor, biosensor, PIN diode, JFET, op-amps, precision analogue IC's, photopic light sensor and ASIC's.

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