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Semefab has a successful track record of working with all sizes of organisations from start-ups to large scale multi-national companies.

When taking on a new foundry opportunity we consider the future potential of the end product in the marketplace as our main criterion for the decision to proceed.

Semefab exists to manufacture product and development activity is a means to this end. As a result we look to secure and complete developments quickly according to an agreed and managed timeline. During the development phase we seek to recover our costs of engineering time, overhead and materials but not profit. However, before undertaking any development activity, we will carry out a thorough analysis of the cost of manufacture of the technology and seek to reassure ourselves and the customer that there is a sensible profit margin for both parties to be had during the manufacturing phase. 

To this end Semefab has developed a sophisticated, activity based cost analysis model which allows us to quickly and accurately verify the actual cost of manufacture of every product that we produce.

Usually Semefab will quote a production price at suitable volume breaks when we make the development quotation and we usually seek to obtain a reasonable commitment to production once product qualification has been achieved before accepting to undertake a new development.

All foundry customers are sole sourced with Semefab. Usually strategic stock holding is required and Semefab can tailor this to the customer's precise needs.

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