Industrial Sensors

Sensors in the Industrial Industry

Today's smart, sophisticated products – the ones we all want to have – require even smarter, more sophisticated machine tools & processes to make them.

Global demand and the highly competitive nature of markets and industry create huge pressure and force change, the pace of which is accelerating.

Industrial equipment and processes have become increasingly sophisticated, capable and complex. Utilising the latest cutting edge technology, they require precision electronic components and sensors built to the highest standards of performance and reliability. Rapid adoption and deployment of advanced technology is the only way to survive in this environment. Semefab produces foundry of precision analogue Integrated circuits which are used in state of the art machine tools, temperature stable instrumentation and scanners. 

We also produce state of the art optical electrograting devices used to accurately control dimensions in industrial processes such as steel milling. Pressure sensors made at Semefab control the hydraulic actuation in advanced robotics.

Semefab is not just at the heart of products, we're at the heart of the tools that make the materials, shape, form and assemble them.

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