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Semefab has 30 years' experience in manufacturing microelectronic devices and MEMS in its 2 wafer fab facilities operating in Glenrothes, Scotland, supplying wafers, die and packaged devices to the global electronics and sensor markets.

We take our corporate & social responsibilities seriously. Our business practices are fair and straight-forward and we continually strive to reduce our impact on the environment and improve our energy efficiency. We support our community by recruiting locally and providing necessary training wherever possible.

We operate as a volume foundry, often inducting customer specific processes and optimising those that have been established at an R&D or prototyping level within institutes and universities. We can therefore, guide and advise our customers throughout the technology cycle and into volume production.

With an extensive process portfolio Semefab specialises in MEMS, CMOS, Opto-CMOS, Linear IC, BiCMOS, ASIC and Discrete Semiconductor device technologies such as JFET, PIN diode, RF MOSFET, FRD, Bipolar transistor. Integrated CMOS & MEMS fabrication can also be supported.

In addition to the wafer fabrication capability, Semefab operates its own wafer probe and packaged device final test facility, and periodically conducts reliability assessments.

As a global foundry partner Semefab exports >70% of its fabricated product and more than 500 million die and devices per year.


Semefab supports a broad sensor portfolio and has further strategic interests in energy harvesting and medical MEMS technologies.

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