Semiconductor Technology Platforms

Over 500 million IC, Discrete Semiconductor and MEMS die shipped each year

Semefab's foundry process capability supports many semiconductor technology platforms in MEMS, Integrated Circuits and Discrete Semiconductors.

Since 1986 Semefab has engaged with a wide variety of organisations, from fabless chip companies, OEM's and start-ups to major semiconductor manufacturers, inducting and developing their semiconductor processing technologies.

Most customer relationships last for many years and  as technology and equipment capabilities have advanced, Semefab has worked closely with its customer base to allow them to take advantage of next generation products and designs.

Over time we have developed extremely robust management practices and operational procedures which allow Semefab to efficiently run many concurrent processes from MEMS through to Integrated Circuits and Discrete Semiconductor devices across 2 wafer fabs, under tight discipline and at high yields. Each process is fully documented, subject to FMEA and statistical process control. Our highly experienced Process and Equipment Engineering Teams are able to investigate any deviations from control limits and are quickly able to rectify matters should any problem arise.

A quality control plan is agreed for each specific product/process according to discussion and agreement with the customer. Quality control procedures are implemented according to Semefab's Quality Policy and ISO 9001 management procedures. Performance is reviewed monthly by the entire management team and our system is audited annually by the British Standards Inspectorate. Semefab issues a quality control certificate of conformance with every shipment of its product. 

We closed our 4 inch FAB 1 facility at the end of 2022 and all Semefab’s future semiconductor manufacture will be produced in our 6”wafer FAB2 (MEMS) and FAB3 (MOS/BiPOLAR) facilities.

Semefab's MEMS Fab2 is a 800 square metre class 100 operation (class 10 Photo) supporting 6" volume foundry of MEMS technologies.

Pressure Sensor; Thermopile; Gas Sensor; Strain Gauge; Accelerometer; Airflow Sensor; Blood Viscosity; Blood Analysis; Medical MEMS devices.

Semefab has strategic interest in the MEMS Energy Harvesting and Medical MEMS/Health Tech sectors.

Minimum feature size capability 0.8µm.

Semefab's MEMS Fab3 is a 1500 square metre class 100 operation (class 10 Photo) supporting 6" volume foundry.

CMOS (10V to 3V); OPTO CMOS (10V to 3V); MEMS (front end).

Minimum feature size capability 0.8µm.

Semefab's volume/value proposition ensures cost-effective development leading to seamless transition into volume manufacture. We ensure optimum transfer of knowledge and know-how from the process development team to the manufacturing process engineering team. 

All Fabs operate under ISO9001 & ISO14001 accredited procedures.

Metal Gate PMOS - Open Access
6.0um, Vdd 20V, VtP -1.5V, depletion Vt P(off) 1.5V

Metal Gate CMOS - Open Access
6um, Vdd 20V, VtN 1.0-1.5V, VtP -(1.0-1.5V)
Variants: Opto, Shield metal , Bandpass optical filter

Silicon Gate CMOS - Open Access
3.0um, 16V, VtN 0.7-1.2V, VtP -(0.7-1.2V)
Variants: Double poly capacitors, Opto, Shield metal,
Bandpass optical filter, High Res Polyresistor

DI-BiCMOS - Proprietary, Closed*
100V precision analogue

Linear IC - Open Access
40V & 60V, Hfe NPN 100-200, Hfe PNP 20-60, Output drive 4A

* Closed - not available for general distribution

Bipolar Transistor - Open Access
NPN, 5A to 160A, Vcbo 200 -1200V, Vceo 100 - 600V, Hfe 40-90

Photodiode - Open Access
PIN, 0.85x0.85mm to 25x25mm, BV >60V, Response 0.6A/W
Variants : Bandpass filter, Shield metal

JFET - Open Access
Small Signal, Low Noise

RF Mosfet - Proprietary, Closed
12V, 20V, 50V 1GHz

Lateral Mosfet - Proprietary, Closed
N Channel 200V, 8A
P Channel 200V 8A

Fast Recovery Diode - Proprietary, Closed

Pressure Sensor - Various, Proprietary, Closed
10mbar -100's bar, Wheatstone bridge

Gas Sensor - Proprietary, Closed
MEMS Platform for various gas types

Gas Flow Sensor - Proprietary, Closed
cc/sec - ltrs/sec, various gas types

Liquid Viscosity - Proprietary, Closed
Blood coagulation

Blood Analyte Sensor - Proprietary, Closed
Various analytes

Nanowire Analyte Sensor - Proprietary, Closed
Various analyte specific chemistries

614101 Photopic Light Sensor - Open Access
High Linearity, 1.25uA/lux, Dark Current <3nA @25C, Operates to 105C

Micro Hotplate - Open Access
Microheater and Broad band IR source

Thermopile - Open Access
Temp sensor and IR sensor-Open Access PPS 631

2 terminal CMOS photopic light sensor with a precision optical filter
PPS 612/614

Low noise small signal JFET - Open Access
PPS 564/566

Micro-Hotplate for broad-band Infrared source for gas spectrometry
PPS 638

Breathing Sensor - Wearable device sensor for monitoring respiratory conditions
PPS 639

Parametric Testers
Reedholm Instruments RI20/RI40

Discrete Semiconductor Testers
Tesec 810 (3kV/20A)
Wentworth 1050 Semi auto HV probe station

IC Testers
National Instruments PXIE, Microprocessor based
Electroglas 2001X auto probers

Spectral products Monochromator, Luxmeter

Thermostream (temperature)
Keithley parametric tester

Humidity chamber for THB
Burn in ovens, loadboards -life test
High temp storage testing
Temp Cycle, Pressure pot, ESD

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