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Semefab supports three lines of product families currently – Low Noise JFET's, Ambient & Infra Red Light Sensors & Thermopiles. None of these product families conflict with Semefab's customer base. We believe it strengthens our business and is therefore good for all of our foundry customers for Semefab to have some activity in standard products which we can sell to multiple customers.

It is our policy to continue this practice, of course being careful not to disadvantage existing customers. We regard our foundry customers IP as sacrosanct and independently develop our own Intellectual Property for our standard product lines.


This product family comprises the following devices: 564103 and 564104. These have been designed specifically to have extremely low noise and suitability for the high volume passive infrared (PIR) sensor and instrumentation market.

Ambient & Infra Red Light Sensors

Our range of eye-like visible response sensors includes both dawn/dusk sensors and daylight sensors that can be used in a variety of applications including: security lighting; display backlighting for laptops; cell phones and LED TV's and nightlights etc as part of a direct replacement for cadmium sulphide (CdS) cells. These devices have found particular favour in the high volume CCTV security camera market due to their IR blocking filter, excellent linearity, ultra low light level response and capability up to 100 degrees Celsius.


Thermopiles are used for non-contact thermometers, air conditioners and NDIR gas sensors. For Infra Red sensing applications eg: for use in optical smoke detectors, Semefab's SF107 is the ideal choice.

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