Semiconductor Foundry

Cutting Edge Semiconductors

Semefab is manufacturing several cutting edge signal and power semiconductor devices along with developing improvements in more energy efficient power switching technologies.

PIN diodes – X-Ray and Radiation Detectors

RFMOSFET – Professional Mobile Radio and Telecoms Base stations

JFET – PIR Motion Sensors

Lateral MOSFET – Audio Power Amplification

Bipolar Power – General Purpose Power Devices and Module

FRD – Power Devices and Module

Photodiode Array – Precision Measurement 

Lateral MOSFET – High End Audio Amplification

CIGBT – 1.2kV, 1.7kV with 3.5kV and Higher Traction and Smart Grid Applications (in development)

SiC & GaN – High Power/High Temperature Power Control Applications (future roadmap)

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