Energy Sensors

Sensors in the Energy Industry

Efficient sensors that reduce environmental impact.

Global warming and air pollution are becoming increasingly important topics for companies across a wide range of industries as they try to reduce their carbon footprint, improve efficiency and minimise waste. At Semefab, we’re doing our part, producing more efficient, greener chips and sensors that can be used in all manner of devices and sectors.

Helping to Create a Green Future

Our ultra-low power CMOS ASICs with over 3 year’s battery life plays a small but important part in this process. Providing ideal solutions for smoke detectors and other small devices, extending the battery life.

The chips we produce for PIR sensors automatically control lighting and avoid wasting energy making an excellent contribution. Our photopic light sensors automatically control light intensity of notebook screens and are also used to reduce the energy consumed in street lighting.

ASICs provide benefits such as efficiency and speed, effectively driving LEDs while reducing the energy required to do so.

We produce sensors that control the efficiency of combustion engines and domestic heating systems, assisting in the cleaner generation of electricity from hydroelectric generators, wind turbines and nuclear power stations.

All of our products serve to greatly reduce our carbon footprint and that of any devices that they are incorporated within.

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