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IC Foundry & ASICs

Semefab supplies foundry wafers and designs and fabricates medium-scale integration mixed signal CMOS ASICs  for major semiconductor manufacturers and OEM's in the Automotive, Security and Consumer Goods sectors, where unit cost is of primary importance.

Semefab has been supplying foundry and producing Medium Scale Integration (MSI) ASICS for the past 20 years. Customers range from major multi-national semiconductor corporations to SME's including OEM's, fabless chip companies and design houses.

Our foundry and mixed signal ASICs are used in a broad variety of customer specific applications: 

DI BICMOS  Precision Op-Amps & analogue ICs

Opto CMOS ASIC  Optical Smoke Detector

OptoCMOS ASIC + FILTER Light Sensing and Switching

OptoMCMOS  Hazard Flasher

CMOS ASIC  Smoke Detector Address

MCMOS ASIC  Garage Door Opener

CMOS ASIC  Automotive Windscreen Wiper

CMOS ASIC   Automotive Window Lift

CMOS ASIC   EC Motor Controller Interface

CMOS Foundry  Secure Telecoms

Linear Array  Solar battery charger controller

ASICS are typically 3 to 20V power supply, mixed analogue and digital content - typically <20k gates of logic, clock speed 10Mhz, ultra-low standby power suitable for battery powered applications.

Opto ICs are created where the application requires some additional control circuitry to support the specific Photo Diode application. These devices are application specific and therefore only limited data can be included within the website.

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