Wafer Foundry Capabilities

Two Wafer Fab Operations

Semefab operates 2 wafer fabs on the Glenrothes site. Fab2 MEMS, Fab3 MOS/BiPolar. Fab1 was closed late 2022.

Standard process building blocks exist. However, if you need something non-standard, Semefab offers the added advantage of customising the process steps to your specific requirements.

Fab2 supports 6" MEMS technologies down to 0.8 micron minimum feature size. Our MEMS fab's infrastructure is completely autonomous and separate from Fab3, thus eliminating any risk of cross-contamination.

Fab3 supports 6" CMOS/Bipolar technologies down to 0.8 micron minimum feature size.

Probe and Test conducts parametric testing of all wafers for conformity to process and functional testing of all die/devices for conformity to their functional specification.

Device qualification, accelerated Life Testing and reliability assessments are carried out on a periodic basis.

Semefab's accredited Quality and Environmental Management System covers all activities including the top level and operational management and review procedures.

A culture of Continuous Improvement is embraced throughout.

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