Dr John Bruce Memorial Awards 2023

The prize winners and runners-up, school representatives and Semefab staff. Pic by Steve Brown

Students from three Fife High Schools who excelled in STEM subjects, were rewarded for their hard work with cash prizes from Semefab. The 'Dr John Bruce Memorial Award' is given to 6th year students who excelled across the board in STEM subjects. This is the 6th year of the awards which celebrate Semefab's departed co-founder Dr John Bruce. Twelve youngsters from Glenrothes, Auchmuty and Glenwood High Schools earned this year's awards with each school selecting a winner and runner-up from S4 and S6.

S6 winners and runners-up

The S6 prize for first place was £500 with a second place prize of £350.

Glenwood High School's Aiden McGurk was the winner with Daniel Mills as runner-up. Callum Clark and Menahil Mahmood were winner and runner-up from Glenrothes High School. Auchmuty High School winner was Aaron Boyak with Craig McGowan as runner-up.

S4 winners and runners-up

The 'Semefab Award' goes to 4th year students who have excelled across the board in STEM subjects. The S4 prize money was £250 for the winner and £150 for runner-up.

Glenwood High School's S4 winner was Mortten Maasik, with Cameron Cook as runner-up.

The S4 winner from Glenrothes High School was Archie Simpson with Jodie McDonough as runner-up. Sukhpal Mehmi was winner and Poppie Jenkins runner-up from Auchmuty High School.

Engineering experts of the future

Semefab Production Manager George Smith said "These awards are to recognise and celebrate the dedication and hard work from the award-winning students. These students are our next engineering experts and can strive to achieve exciting and modern-thinking careers. I also believe it recognises the school's involved and how teachers apply themselves to STEM subjects.

I know from talking to the schools' staff how proud they are of what these students have achieved as well as the ones who just missed out. We all now look forward to the 2024 awards and wish all the students good luck."

From L to R: Proud winners Sukhpal Mehmi, 
Mortten Maasik, Aiden McGurk and Callum Clark.

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