Semefab ceasing manufacture on 4 inch wafers.

Semefab is closing its 4 inch silicon wafer fabrication facility at the end of 2022 and is at an advanced stage of completing the last time buy orders from those customers who did not wish to convert their products over to 6 inch wafers. 'We built the 4 inch facility back in 1986. Some of the first products were telephone dialler chips for the South African Post Office and watch chips for the Swiss watch industry' said Allan James - Semefab's founder and Managing Director.' The mainstay product in recent times were precision analogue integrated circuits for one the world's largest semiconductor corporations. Some £35M of business from this company alone. We are extremely grateful to all of our historic 4 inch customers who have helped to create the foundation of our business today.'

Semefab manufactures MEMS sensor chips and Power Switching Semiconductor devices on 6 inch wafers, acting as a foundry and IDM in areas which do not compete with its foundry customers. It retains 2 large wafer fabrication facilities and a probe and packaged device test area on its single site in Glenrothes. 'We will strip out the 4 inch line and remediate the building' said Allan. 'We have expansion potential on site for an 8 inch facility in due course', he commented.

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