Allan James delivers Keynote speech at iMaps UK

MICROTECH 2016 – a conference that ‘ranged’ the scientific ‘plains’ of MEMS, Sensors and Packaging IMAPS-UK Committee member – Piers Tremlett

MIcroTech 2016 was a well attended conference with a theme of sensors, MEMS and advanced electronic packaging. There were a variety of speakers: a CEO, entrepreneurs, academics and engineers, young and old. Topics as diverse as culture, economics, science and politics were discussed - even the ‘Brexit’ referendum featured in one question.

The keynote speech was by Allan James, CEO of Semefab. He was keen to encourage entrepreneurship and provided information and advice on the topic. a 51% minimum shareholding should be priority for an entrepreneur (ensuring control) and, quoting Carnegie, he hinted that ‘discontent’ was a characteristic of theirs - one hopes he was satisfied with his own inspiring speech.

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