Semefab celebrates 10,000th order

Semefab was incorporated on 23rd July 1986 and so is 30 years old this year. What could be more fitting than to receive our 10,000th purchase order during the same year.

On November 11th, a long standing USA customer with manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong, placed an order for 55,000 ASICs - full custom CMOS integrated circuits that Semefab builds in Glenrothes, assembles in Thailand, Final Tests back here in Glenrothes and then ships half way round the world again to Hong Kong. Here it is built into a system level product which is then shipped to the USA for retail.

The particular chip is an encoder /decoder product which gets built into electronic garage door motor control systems and into the wireless remote control key fobs that people keep in their cars to operate the doors when they return home. The chip allows customers to set their own unique code on both the motor drive and the key fob, so ensuring complete security.

This chip was the first full custom integrated circuit designed and built at Semefab in 1989 and we have shipped close on 1M chips per annum for this application continuously for the past 25 years.

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